An eye-catching bespoke website was required for this supermarket mainstay

Buster Plugholes

Founded in 1990, Buster has become a regular household name synonymous with plughole protection and care. Today, it is not only seen across the UK, but can be found across four continents – Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania.

In 2018, following the successful completion of our work on Alkimi, another brand owned by Challs International, we were commissioned to refresh the Buster website and further the product’s online presence. As a recognisable household brand, we had to ensure that the Buster product had a website worthy of it’s standing, and cemented the brand’s position as the market leader in its field.

Our Approach

Like any web project we undertake, a key component is the kick-off meeting where we outline the details of the project, extract the important details from the client and clarify the core objectives of the project. This helped our team understand what Buster expected from their website and, most importantly, what they wanted to achieve with it. The goals for the project were:

  • Increase brand awareness through a highly-branded website, allowing Buster to promote new product launches and other information about their brand
  • Generate more sales and obtain more qualified leads by directing customers to stockists where their products can be purchased
  • Improve customer satisfaction by quickly providing product information and answering customer queries

With these goals in mind, our team were able to get started on designing and developing a website that would be ready to market.

Building Buster

In terms of the design, it was critical that we used high-quality imagery of the Buster products and ensured that the website complemented their appearance in order to make the experience as engaging as possible. Our team also decided that the use of custom animation would really help the website stand out from the crowd, which is when the idea for the flowing pipes was born. The most intricate of the animations shows Buster’s products at work as they weave through pipes when you scroll down each page, clearing blockages as they go. Each pipe then culminates with a set of calls to action to ensure the user is left in no doubt as to what to do next, either find a local stockist or purchase Buster online.

Going International

Following the completion of the UK-focused site, fiver further replica websites for territories including Singapore, USA & Australia were also launched. These sites followed the same design and structure but required content adjustments in order to accurately represent Buster’s range in each territory.

Taking Buster Further

As part of our ongoing partnership with Challs International, we are now running a series of marketing initiatives for Buster including PPC marketing in order to grow their online reach. The campaigns are aimed at increasing Buster’s already dominant market-share by targeting competitor keywords and customer queries.


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